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What to expect when commissioning a mural or portrait:

If you’ve never had custom design work, you might have questions about how the whole process works. While every project is different, the project proceeds generally as follows:

  Initial Consultation
At our first meeting, we will look at the space and measure your walls. This is when you tell me what you want and I throw some ideas at you. If you have a very concrete idea, we might be able to move quickly into the drawing and painting. If you have general thoughts and need help focusing them, this stage can be much more involved.
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We might decide to develop a completely rendered scale painting, or we might work directly from sketches and research. It depends on the complexity and specifics of each project. You can, of course, request a full painted rendering if you specifically would like one, but it is not necessary.
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After our initial consultation, you will get a plain English contract that simply states what work will be done, on what kind of time line, and for how much money. If you are having a fair amount of the design and research done for you, then you may receive separate contracts for the separate stages of work. The final amount will be agreed upon in advance. Payments are made half upon acceptance of the proposal and the rest when I have completely installed the work. Once we have agreed on the proposal, I will submit sketches for your approval before painting in your home or business.
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The Fun Part
Drawing and painting! Your floors and finished walls will be masked off with safe, low-tack masking materials, and I will begin painting. All furniture and drapery must be removed from the area before work will begin. Painting can also be done off-site on canvas and applied as a finished work. This creates quite a different look than a mural painted directly on the wall, but it can significantly decrease the disruption to your home or business.
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Sometimes a project can begin right away; other times there will be a waiting period. If you are opening a shop or business on a specific date, you will want to get onto the schedule as soon as possible, even if you are not exactly sure what you will be having done. It is usually possible to work around business hours, either late at night or early in the morning, for renovating an existing shop.
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Each project must be estimated on an individual basis. The final bid on any job is a fixed bid, but it is estimated based on the time the job is expected to take, and the size. A small job may require little or no studio design time and could be as little as one or two days. A complex job could be more. If the job location is outside the DFW area, there will be additional charges for transportation, or, depending on distance, possibly lodging. Some jobs can be worked on canvas and shipped. Payments are made half down and half upon delivery or final installion of the artwork.
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If you’ve read this far, you’re probably pretty seriously considering having custom artwork painted. The next step for you is to contact me, Sheri Moen.

It can start with a call ... 817-614-3187
... or email ...

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I love the way that murals and finishes inspire the atmosphere of a room and affect the way people interact with it.
The decoration of our home and work place is one of the most satisfying ways of expressing our individuality.
Please feel free to contact me about ideas for your space.